Located at The Beacon, a purpose built supported housing scheme for at-risk veterans, the bakery is situated on the edge of Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire.

Riverside ECHG – a provider of social housing nationwide – and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) worked together to create The Beacon.

The bakery is set up as a social enterprise and provides qualifications to equip those suffering from post-traumatic stress or vulnerable to homelessness with new career skills and insight into running a business.

Elaine Walton, Health & Wellbeing Specialist at The Beacon, said: “The Veterans Artisan Bakery has helped re-engage people in practical ‘hands-on’ experience. Baking bread has proved to be a very therapeutic and enjoyable activity and provides a real sense of achievement. In addition to the vocational training, the Veterans Artisan Bakery is working towards becoming a viable social enterprise selling high quality breads and food across the Catterick and Richmond areas.”

Although the bakery aims to be as self-sufficient as possible as a social enterprise, it is dependent on Riverside ECHG and charitable initiatives for its long-term sustainability.

For more about The Beacon – please visit the Riverside ECHG website