Celebrity Chef Rosemary Shrager visits Veterans Bakery

For the launch of the bakery, Cause UK approached local celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager who has a passion for baking. It was a wonderful match. Rosemary instinctively understood the charity and its work and how baking bread can work on a therapeutic level as well as a vocational one.

Her attachment to the bakery helped generate huge media attention (and this was before she’d stepped foot in the Jungle!)

Press coverage of the launch included a wealth of local papers from the Hebden Bridge Times to Wetherby News, Darlington & Stockton Times, The Advertiser series, York Press, Ilkley Gazette, as well as BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Tees and Garrison Radio all broadcast live from the launch. BFBS Radio and TV also broadcast programmes on air and on TV on their network to troops serving abroad.

The story featured on Calendar News and Look North on lunchtime and evening slots, as well as on the BBC Online. Cause UK also posted a bespoke film on YouTube and issued it to the Yorkshire Post to feature on their website. Cause UK used twitter to publicise the story including Retweets by Gary Verity (3,084 followers); BBC reporter Nicola Rees (1,312 followers) and Harrogate Militia (1,434 followers).

Follow on features included a two-page spread in Yorkshire Life, Inside Housing magazine and others. Cause UK contacted Radio Four with interview ideas, background info and story angles for its Food Programme to feature the bakery. BBC Radio Four did a special Easter Sunday Food Programme dedicated to the therapy of baking bread. BBC Inside Out went on to film a special feature on Riverside’s work at The Beacon, including the bakery.

What Rosemary said

“I’m passionate when it comes to teaching about food and so it is such an honour to launch an initiative in an environment where artisan baking may not be the first thing people think of when they think of the military. It shows how something as simple but valuable as baking can transform vulnerable lives. Our ex-servicemen and women who are struggling with mental or physical disadvantages as a result of serving their country deserve this opportunity. The alternative is wasted lives at risk of abusive behaviour or a desperate life on the streets. We owe them so much more. This is such an enriching way to create hope and new life outside of the military. The simple pleasure of baking is a fulfilling activity that really connects you to a sense of achievement. It’s about taking the time and developing practical skills with our hands that can create a powerful sense of well-being in our hearts and minds.”

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