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From Trevor Morris, MoD Area Manager, The Beacon, and co-director of Veterans’ Artisan Bakery Community Interest Company.

The future is biscuits! This year Riverside’s Veterans Artisan Bakery launched a biscuit with Rosemary Shrager & the fundraising and PR agency Cause UK, to help raise funds to support homeless Veterans. Riverside’s vision is to replicate the bakery into future MoD projects and expand our product range to sell Veterans Artisan produce in major supermarkets, with net profits donated back to improve the health and well-being of our Veterans.

The number of soldiers with PTSD has more than doubled in the past three years, especially among those who served in Afghanistan.

My vision is our social enterprise will help meet this exploding need. As one homeless 28 year old Veteran said after serving three tours: ‘You know, civilians go to bed at night knowing soldiers are keeping them safe’ he said, ‘ it’s nice to give back and help keep us safe when we need it.’